Volunteer management made   right

Built upon more than 12 years of experience, CrewPlan saves you up to 80% of time spent managing volunteers


Onboarding new volunteers have never been easier, no more spreadsheets, emails and phonecalls.

Set up onlineforms that match your organisation in few minutes. 

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Create multiple advanced shiftplans and allow your volunteers to sign up for shifts with ease.

Save countless hours of moving volunteers around in spreadsheets, answering texts and phonecalls.   

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CrewPlan will automatically send notifications to all volunteers signed up for a shift, by email and text.

Send emails or texts to individual volunteers, or specific groups of volunteers.

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GDPR compliant

From the ground up we built CrewPlan with privacy and security as our top priority. Makes sure all users have accepted terms and privacy before signing up.

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Why Choose CrewPlan?

Save up to 80% of the time spent on volunteermanagement, your volunteers are going to love it

A complete package 

CrewPlan is entirely built from scratch, with input from volunteermanagers over the last 12 years. Because of that you will find a versatile and extremely userfriendly application, that will save you so much time and keep your volunteers happy.

The application will help you streamline the process of recruiting new volunteers, and help retain your current volunteers by giving them easy and secure access to shiftplans, messageboard, documents, intranet and much more.

Many volunteermanagers feel the burden of communicating with hundreds or thousand of volunteers in a short timespan, by using CrewPlan much of the mundane tasks such as adding volunteers to shifts manually, maintaing and updating spreadsheets, sending reminderemails is the productionphase is being handled in no time.

Proven and tested

Over time we've helped organise more than 100.000 volunteers and millions of hours volunteering. So it is safe to assume that we also can cut wast amount of hours from your workload, if you do it the manual way using spreadsheets, onlineforms, email and textmessages.

CrewPlan is developed with the only focus of making volunteermanagement as easy as possible, so you won't find payroll or other corporate functions that distract from the main goal - to help you succeed in organising volunteers for your NGO, foundation, pridefestival, soccerclub or any where else where volunteering happen.

Software As A Service

Why spend your limited time setting up wordpress, Google forms, Excel spreadsheets, returning calls from volunteers or replying to hundreds of emails from volunteers asking to be added to specific shifts or the need to switch tasks.

CrewPlan is easy to set up, you'll spend less than 1 hour setting up your account, allowing you to begin recruiting volunteers almost instantly. All you need is a browser and internetconnection, no software to download or install.

We'll make sure your volunteers data are secure, backing up your data, keeping servers updated and online 24/7 so you never have to worry about the boring IT stuff.

Steve Taylor
Copenhagen Pride Logo



CrewPlan have completely transformed the way in which Copenhagen Pride manages our brilliant volunteers.
To coordinate the recruitment and deployment of hundreds of volunteers has always been a challenge, and working with CrewPlan this year as made life much easier.
We just wish we have discovered it much sooner!”

Steve Taylor

Head of Secretariat - Copenhagen Pride

CrewPlan has every feature you need

GDPR & Security

From the ground up, we've built CrewPlan with privacy and security in mind.
Two-factor loginsecurity are standard.
All userdata are always stored encrypted and backup all data to multiple destinations.

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With CrewPlan you'll have multiple options for your volunteers to sign up.
You can set up forms that match your organisations needs, let volunteers enter their own data, all while maintaining GDPR compliance.
Volunteers will receive custom designed welcome emails fully branded with your logo and text.

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Create multiple shiftplans, allow your volunteers to sign up for shifts online in seconds.
Rules can be added to create advanced shiftplans using roles, profiles and chaining shifts that are unlocked when a volunteers fill in specific shifts.

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Share information with all your volunteers in a secure and private space, the messageboard are built for sharing current information that all your volunteers should read.

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Automated notifications

Volunteers can receive fully automated notifications before a shift begins, by text, email or both.

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Enable waitinglists for specific shifts, so your volunteers may wait for an opening they want to fulfill. CrewPlan keeps track of who and when.

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Built-in intranet where you can keep Code of conduct, Volunteer Handbook, Meetingnotes, well anything. Create closed groups only some can access, eg. Boardmembers etc.

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Advanced rolebased shiftplanning allows you to create shiftplans for any type of task and venue.

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Online check-in module that will allow your volunteers to check in at self-service stations.

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Create usergroups that give access to specific shiftplans, brilliant for collaboration with third-parties.

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Makes it easy to keep track of the progress of all the important stuff. Which shifts need some nudging, how many volunteers have you recruited in one simple view.

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Speaks any language

CrewPlan can easily be translated to your language, if you have a few hours to translate from english to your local language, please let us know and we'll make it happen.

Volunteermanagers love using CrewPlan

With an easy and intuitive userinterface you'll be up and running in less than 1 hour. Your volunteers have access to shiftplans, userprofile, messageboard, shared files and their upcoming shifts right on their smartphone, anywhere any time.    

  • Userfriendly design 
  • Extremely fast and versatile
  • Designed for mobility
  • Multiple languages, we'll add your language as well.

Our Pricing

Affordable as it should be.


350,- year
  • 100 users
  • Unlimited Shiftplans
  • 10GB Storage
  • All functions
  • 5 hours onboarding
  • E-mail Support
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2.500,- year
  • 1000 users
  • Unlimited Shiftplans
  • 500GB Storage
  • All functions
  • Custom domain
  • 10 hours onboarding
  • Remote Volunteer Manager
  • Priority Email/Phone Support
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Excluding VAT 25% where applicable, textmessages are not included in the above prices.
Onboarding by one or more online meetings, we help your organisation set up the account so you will be ready for production in no time.
Additional hours beyond inluded onboarding, are billed €100 per hour.

Please contact us if your organisation need more than 1000 users, we can scale to any number.