Shiftplanning has never been so easy

With loads of advanced features, CrewPlan makes it easy to create advanced and userfriendly shiftplans for you and your volunteers.

In only a few hours you will be able to create shiftplans for hundreds or even thousand of volunteers, allowing each volunteer to sign up online for the tasks they want to volunteer at.

You'll be able to create shiftplans that span every aspect of your venue. Create a shiftplan per Bar at your festival, create a shiftplan for all ticket-inspectors, create a shiftplan for stagehands or combine it all into one. Using CrewPlan you'll have options that allows you to create advanced shiftplans using rolebased planning. Eg. only volunteers with the skill "Bartender" may join a shift at the bar, and a task using the forklift will only be visible to volunteers that have the skill "Forklift certificate".

Roles are created per shiftplan, so in the above example for a bar at a venue, we have created 4 different roles. Each role must be assigned to the volunteers that have the skills to the specific role. Roles are assigned by administrators.

Create shifts with roles

In the above shiftplan we've created 4 shifts over two days, each shift has 3 different roles with positions. This is just a simple example of how CrewPlan can help you create a shiftplan where each volunteers skills are used to ensure that the right person has the right task.

Keep track of how many hours your'e planning

In the shiftplanning tool you can always get the current number of hours planned, and how many of those hours has been filled by volunteers. This makes it easy for the volunteermanager, to see if the number of hours planned matches with the number of expected volunteers attending your venue.

Shifts depending on previous shifts

You can make shifts only available to those volunteers that took another shift and it that way ensure consistency in the crew that are on specific tasks.

Shiftplan settings

Each shiftplan you create have settings that allows you to set up the specifics for each individual shiftplan. Obviously you could just have a single shiftplan for all tasks at your venue, but some times multiple shiftplans are the way to go - CrewPlan can do both.

For each shiftplan you must assign a title, this will be visible to the volunteers and used on any report.

You have the option to display information to the volunteers for each shiftplan, it could be who to call if they get sick, documents the need access to or anything related.

If checked all your volunteers who has logged in, can access the shiftplan and take shifts with vacant positions that match their skillset (if used)

You have the option to let your volunteers choose meals (or anything really) when they take a shift, this is set up per shift so you could add breakfast options to early shifts or whatever combination you choose. Not all shifts need to have meals enabled.

You have the option to set a resting time for each shiftplan, so that the volunteers cannot take back to back shifts. CrewPlan will make sure every volunteer have time to rest (or party)

Set up when volunteers can drop a shift they've taken (or been assigned). 

With the option to hide upcoming shifts until a certain time before, you can avoid having the same volunteers take every available shift created making room for all your volunteers may have the chance to participate.

As default settings CrewPlan will only show shifts to volunteers they can actually take. If you choose so, all shifts can be shown even if unavailable. (we certainly do not recommend this)

As opposed to number 3, you have the option to create shiftplans only available to members of one or more usergroups. Usergroups can be used in multiple ways in CrewPlan. As an example you could have a usergroup called "Bar crew" and share a signup link to volunteers who should join the bar crew. Then you could create a shiftplan designated only to the bar crew, all volunteers in that usergroup then would have access to the shifts, no one outside the group can see or take the shifts.