Check-in made easy

Using CrewPlan's check-in function enables you to easy keep track of which volunteers has arrived, complete with name, contact information and what time their shift begins.

With an easy to use interface, the person(s) in charge of checkin can identify  the volunteer and register as arrived.

You can export data to spreadsheet and print as well.

Selv-service checkin coming late 2022

We are currently in the test-phase of our self-service checkin allowing your volunteers to check in to their shift, using a QR code on their smartphone and a checkin-kiosk on a laptop or tablet.

How self-service checkin looks on the kiosk. When volunteer are scanned they are welcomed by name, shifthours and title of shift are also shown a few seconds.

On the volunteers smartphone the QR code are shown, when checked in the same message are displayed. An email are also sent to the volunteer.

The volunteer will have the option to checkin to the shift in a time-window around shiftstart, eg. 30 mins before shift begins.