Messageboard as information-hub

The messageboard is a central place for announcements and important information, files, phonenumbers and contactinformation.

Giving your volunteers easy access to important information is a key to success, rather than emailing files to your volunteers or relying on DropBox, FaceBook or Twitter, you can share information inside your CrewPlan site. This makes sure that all volunteers have access to the same updated information and that no outsiders can access the information. 

The messageboard works as a timeline, with the latest posts at the top. You can see how many and which of your volunteers that have seen the post.

You decide if a post is public for all volunteers who are logged in or only for volunteers part of one or more usergroup.

When creating a new post you decide if there should be sent an email to every volunteer who could see the post.

If comments are allowed for the post, comments can be added by any logged in user.