Volunteer recruitment made a lot easier

Recruitment of new volunteers are essential for the success of your organisation and event.

That's why we've made it so much easier for your new volunteers to sign up, with custom signup forms you can set up to collect information like t-shirt size, experience, foodallergies and anything you need to know.

Volunteerly makes sure that all volunteers have accepted terms, before storing any userdata to make GDPR compliance easy.

Each volunteer will have their personal userprofile they can maintain from any browser, this saves make it so much easier then having the volunteer send in emails or call with updated information.

You can set up the userprofile to collect all the information you need, just remember - less is more. According to the GDPR law you may only store information that are actually needed to facilitate the task at hand.

9 different types of datainput that you can easily set up, so the volunteers may submit the data needed.